Warzone player recreates classic Rebirth Island meta ahead of return

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops Cold War Operators in Warzone Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island has turned into most Warzone players’ favorite Resurgence map given its frenetic gameplay and compact landscape, and with its return drawing close, players are recreating beloved Warzone OG metas to use once the map is officially released.

While Fortune’s Keep only made its comeback with the Season 2 update on February 7, most Warzone players are already getting geared up to drop into Rebirth Island, the other fan-favorite Resurgence island confirmed to return to Warzone in 2024.

With that in mind, players have started to prep their loadouts recreating classic Rebirth Island metas in order to dominate the map once it drops. In a Reddit post, Positive_Grocery_462 shared their recreation of Cold War’s XM4 and the Swiss K31.

Similar to how it works currently, during Warzone‘s previous iteration, players used to have the ultimate Rebirth Island meta, which allowed them to dominate the frenetic island in every match.

Naturally, these metas disappeared along with the closure of Warzone Caldera in 2023, with many hoping to see certain weapons return to the game’s meta, including the XM4 and Swiss K31, among others like the Kar98k.

While players believe that the OP’s choice of attachments may leave them exposed, since they aren’t considered meta, they allow them to recreate in appearance one of the classic metas used in Rebirth Island.

Although Warzone players will have to wait to find out which meta will conquer Rebirth Island after its relaunch, many believe that having certain classic loadouts prepared could be a good idea. Yet, it will remain a mystery until the map is officially released.

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