MW3’s highest Killstreak is finally worth using after secret buff

Nathan Warby
Swarm Killstreak in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 expert TheXclusiveAce has discovered that the game’s highest Killstreak has been handed a secret buff not mentioned in any patch notes, making it far more powerful in matches.

MW3 players have plenty of useful Killstreaks at their disposal, one of which is the Swarm. However, ever since it was introduced back in Season 1, players have felt that it doesn’t get enough kills to justify the 15-killstreak needed to earn one – the joint-highest in the game tied with a Juggernaut.

Now, CoD expert TheXclusiveAce has discovered that the Swarm has secretly been handed a major buff, which finally makes it as devastating as players would have hoped.

In his March 25 video, the YouTuber revealed that the Killstreak is now capable of racking up more kills than ever before, thanks to an improvement in the speed with which each drone shoots toward the ground.

In MW3, Swarm fills the sky with multiple Mosquito Drones, which automatically lock onto enemies before crashing into them, granting the user an instant kill. However, prior to the secret buff, players could simply keep sprinting to avoid the incoming projectiles.

This was because they targeted the position of an enemy when they first locked on rather than the Operator themselves, meaning they could run out of the blast radius and avoid being killed. Now, though, this speed increase means that even players sprinting quickly with a Pistol will still get caught in the explosion.

TheXclusiveAce added that there is no way of knowing when exactly this buff went live, as it wasn’t mentioned in any patch notes for recent updates. That being said, he claimed the change wasn’t active on January 6, as this is when he did his last round of testing.

Swarms have become notorious for the loud, high-pitched screech that signals their arrival, but in the past, their actual effect often failed to match all the fanfare. But thanks to this small but significant update, MW3 players can consider equipping this high-end Killstreak once again.

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