Modern Warfare 3 players divided over “annoying” Killstreak that’s slept on

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare 3 player calling Killstreak

MW3 offers a diverse range of Killstreaks for players to select and combine, allowing them to achieve more kills or strategically engage with objectives. However, there’s a division among players regarding a particular “underrated” Killstreak.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is fully underway bringing a ton of new content for players to enjoy, including brand-new 6v6 maps, fresh weaponry such as the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 AR, as well as several buffs and nerfs that shifted the meta.

When it comes to dominating multiplayer matches, players can choose different tools in the form of Killstreaks to help them eliminate enemies or capture objectives. While certain choices may commonly be favored by a majority of players, others fall into the “underrated” category.

These usually underrated picks often spark controversy, as they prompt a love-hate relationship among players who either appreciate their effectiveness or completely hate them. In a Reddit post, user ‘fearful_claw02’ shared that the Cluster Mine is the “most ANNOYING killstreak in the game.”

However, the statement generated a notable division in the MW3 community, with some players disagreeing with the OP, “I feel like this is the most underrated killstreak in the game. It always gets me multiple kills and it’s relatively easy to get,” a player commented in the replies.

“Super slept on… in Hardpoint/Domination it’s a free guard against an enemy push,” another user shared. A third players joined and also shared their experience, “I love these. Pretty much a guaranteed 2 kills, can get as many as 4. Much better than predator middles.”

Although the comments were filled with Cluster Mine enjoyers, in agreement with the OP one player expressed, “I seriously hate cluster mines. They are the most annoying KS in the game… you can’t completely shoot them to disable them AND they will last the entire game.”

While players’ Killstreaks selection may differ, the Cluster Mine is widely regarded as effective on small maps such as Stash House, ensuring multiple kills passively. However, on the other hand, some find it frustrating when opponents use given its massive resistance and damage.

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