What is DNA Bomb Killstreak in MW3?

Franco Diaz
Operator using DNA Bomb Killstreak in MW3

MW3 received the DNA Bomb Killstreak at the start of Season 4, so here’s what it does and how to secure the deadly steak in multiplayer matches.

Season 4 of MW3 arrived on May 29, bringing a huge batch of new Operators, weapons, and features. Among the highlights is the return of Advanced Warfare’s lethal DNA Bomb Killstreak, which will give you a significant advantage during matches.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new DNA Bomb Killstreak in MW3 Season 4.

MW3 DNA Bomb Killstreak explained

Modern Warfare 3‘s DNA Bomb allows you to eliminate all players on the opposing team in one swoop. Once you get the DNA Bomb Killstreak, simply activate it and the entire enemy team will be killed.

It’s important to note that using the DNA Bomb will not end the match, unlike the MGB Nuke Killstreak.

The DNA Bomb Killstreak has replaced the MGB Nuke Killstreak in Season 4. This means you can no longer rack up 30 kills without dying and call in a Nuke to end the match in MW3.

MW3 Operator
Get consecutive kills without dying in MW3 to earn powerful Killstreaks.

How to get DNA Bomb Killstreak in MW3

MW3 players must get 25 kills in a row without dying to secure the DNA Bomb Killstreak. In addition, you don’t need to equip the DNA Bomb to use the Killstreak. It is available to all players who hit the required number of kills.

The DNA Bomb first appeared in the Call of Duty franchise in Advanced Warfare. In that game, players needed to get 30 kills in a row only using their gun to earn the bomb and eliminate the whole enemy team. To the delight of players, MW3’s requirements for the DNA Bomb are slightly more forgiving.

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