Warzone players claim pistol kills faster than SMGs thanks to “secret” attachment

Joseph Pascoulis
cor 45 in warzone firing range

Warzone players are noticing just how powerful one of the game’s Pistols is, as they claim one of its attachments make it a close-range beast.

You’ll need to cover yourself for all ranges in Warzone if you want the best chance of winning, but arguably the most decisive of these is close quarters, especially when playing Resurgence.

This is because as the gas draws closer, you’ll be forced to engage with enemy teams in more confined spaces. Making sure you’re loadout is prepared for this is essential, and players tend to opt for SMGs to keep them covered for close range.

However, there may be a better, more unsuspecting option that can compete with the TTK of an SMG, as players have discovered just how powerful the COR 45 can be with a specific attachment.

The XRK V21 Heavy Match Trigger Action attachment for the COR 45 gives the weapon a faster fire rate and also improves the ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds. YouTuber ‘DiazBiffle’ shared a video showing just how strong the Handgun is, calling it “broken.”

The YouTuber managed to clutch up a 37-kill win on Warzone‘s Fortune’s Keep using the COR 45 with the XRK V21 Heavy Match attachment, utilizing the Pistol throughout to secure kills at close, and sometimes even medium range.

In the comments of the video, others also agreed that the weapon is strong with the Trigger Action attachment, as one user said, “way faster TTK than SMGs,” while another commented, “Been using this since the games been out.”

It’s important to note that you’ll need a fast trigger finger to make full use of the COR 45 in Warzone, as it’s not easy trying to shoot the Handgun as fast as possible while staying on target. However, if you can manage to master it, you can get some insane results.

If you’re interested in other powerful Warzone options, be sure to also check out a weapon that can dominate all ranges in the battle royale.

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