MW3 players praise looping Killstreaks as Season 4’s most underrated feature

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Killstreaks

The MW3 devs introduced the looping Killstreak feature across all maps and modes with the Season 4 update and players are loving it.

Killstreaks are one of the most beloved features in Call of Duty, and while MW3 has a great variety of them, players have long asked for the looping feature to enjoy them even more.

With the release of Season 4, the devs incorporated the “looping Killstreak modifier” throughout MW3. Previously, the team expressed interest in testing this feature in a specific playlist, intending to see how it performed in MW3’s multiplayer modes.

After it was announced in the patch notes, players were quick to praise the developers’ decision, stating that it makes the game “a lot more fun and rewarding to play.”

In classic Call of Duty games, looping Killstreaks impacted a player’s performance greatly, allowing skilled players to repeatedly rack up Killstreaks if they hadn’t died.

In a Reddit post, user dudedudetx expressed, “I’m a fan of the looping streaks and I hope they stay permanently.” Echoing this sentiment, another player added, “Should stay because it’s fun.”

The result was so positive that players began to share strategies to get streaks quickly, such as the costly Advanced UAV. User Pilgore1 showed a strategy that requires the Mission Control Vest, reducing the kills/points needed to get Killstreaks, which makes a noticeable difference when looping is enabled.

Another player shared their chaotic tactic: “I literally called in 7 gunships back to back in shipment.” Given Shipment’s small size and fast-paced gameplay, the looping Killstreaks are perfect to rack up as much XP, allowing you to unlock all the new seasonal content.