MW3 players point out missing campaign features that 2019’s game had

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 crash site mission

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is receiving even more stick, as players notice some MW2 features have been removed from the experience, making it “less advanced.”

The Modern Warfare 3 campaign hasn’t seen the best of reviews since releasing in early access. Now that the game is here, more players will be jumping into the action, as well as enjoying multiplayer and Zombies.

The campaign has been criticized for being too short and the Open Combat missions haven’t been received too well either, with some feeling as if there are too many of them and they take away from the narrative experience.

Now, players are calling the campaign “less advanced,” as they noticed some features from MW2 and MW2019 are missing in MW3’s story mode.

Reddit user D3CXII pointed out how in MW3’s campaign, you can no longer shoot out lights and use the visibility indicator in stealth missions, as they stated that the “Crash Site mission doesn’t have [either].”

This led to plenty of comments, with one user calling MW3’s campaign “less advanced” than its predecessors, as they too “tried to shoot the light out.”

In response, one user felt that even Modern Warfare 2019 was more advanced, as they said, “not even looks at this point. 2019 had the looks and substance.” Another comment agreed, “mw19 going dark skyrocketed to my fave cod mission of all time. shooting out all the lights before you even repel down to the last sandbox-y map is insane for a cod game.”

Players clearly feel that the MW3 campaign is “Definitely a downgrade from previous” installments, as “MW2 had so many destructible buildings, meanwhile the guided missile in MW3 can’t even blow up the little sheet metal buildings.”

While this is a shame, the campaign for MW3 is certainly not the main event, as many will be more concerned with multiplayer. If you’re more interested in MW3’s online mode, check out all of the unlocks for every rank in multiplayer.