MW3 player claims Cold War feature would fix “loathed” map & fans are divided

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operators on Derail multiplayer map

Despite bringing all the MW2 2009 maps into multiplayer, a MW3 player thinks there’s a solution for the “loathed” maps which involves bringing back a beloved Black Ops Cold War feature.

Modern Warfare 3 is fully underway with its first season bringing a ton of content for players to enjoy. Additionally, the game features modernized versions of every MW2 2009 map, which despite being praised by players on launch, some think several map experiences can be improved.

On Reddit, user ’emphat1c1′ shared their idea of bringing back a fan-favorite Black Ops Cold War feature, “SHG needs to do a “Derail Strike” map like they did with Miami in CW.”

In 2020’s Black Ops Cold War, several maps received the Strike version which shrinks the playable area for a more dynamic and frenetic experience. Now, players believe Derail should also get this treatment to “get rid of like 30%-40% of the fluff” and become a “decent” map.

The OP explained that Derail is “universally loathed by all but if they did what they did to the original Miami in Cold War it might make it more enjoyable for all.” Agreeing in the comments, a player pointed out, “The issue with Derail is that it’s imbalanced and it’s never been fixed.”

However, not all players agreed the MW3 map needs the Strike treatment, stating they’re “fine with the size of Derail,” but they feel SHG need to add “more cover/concealment in no man’s land to make it really a viable map.”

“I love Derail. I’m too old to run and game every game when I get off work. I’ll pull out my platinum snipers and chill in a far away place” a user shared. Oppositely, another player exposed, “Ah yes derail The king of ‘who can snipe who first bc there’s no coverage.'”

While some players believe adding Cold War’s Strike feature could improve the map experience, others enjoy surviving Derail’s Sniper danger and wide spaces. However, it remains to be seen if SHG could add this idea to the game.

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