MW3 players slam “dreadful” campaign as “worst Modern Warfare story” to date

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 3 players in snow mission

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 brings a brand-new campaign that’s a continuation of Modern Warfare 2’s story, and despite loving what the multiplayer will offer, players haven’t been impressed with the “lackluster” single-player story.

Call of Duty: Moden Warfare 3‘s campaign is now out in early access, letting those who have pre-ordered experience the full story mode over a week before the game’s official launch.

While players love the idea of getting the chance to experience the story without the distraction of multiplayer, unfortunately, they’ve been unimpressed with this year’s single-player offering.

CoD campaigns have never been known for their length, but the game only released on November 2 and players have already rattled through it, with popular YouTuber JGOD saying it was “over in the blink of an eye.”

That wasn’t the only thing players took issue with, as the overall game was called “lackluster” by both JGOD and news account ModernWarzone.

“Even the ending was like, ‘Well that Happened’ and it was over. No build up, suspense or climax,” he said. “Waste of such a cool villain as well.”

“Open Combat missions were also quite the letdown, a lot of missed opportunities of what they could have been,” continued JGOD.

“Too many open combat missions, not enough on the rails. Tons of shock value just for the sake of shock value,” echoed ModernWarzone, calling it the “worst MW story.”

Content creator TheTacticalBrit joined in, saying, “Well, without mincing around words or beating about the bush, [the campaign] was dreadful.” While he said the multiplayer side of things is looking good, “that was exceptionally bad.”

It’s not just the content creators who were unimpressed either, with one player on Reddit calling the campaign “basically Warzone with cutscenes” and “a step backwards in every single way.”

They continued: “The first mission starts off as your usual CoD campaign, something feels off though, the missions after that have been awful, this game just screams that it was thrown together at last minute just so they could charge full price.”

Open Combat missions appear to be the main complaint but there are only a handful throughout the campaign, with some more linear missions sprinkled throughout. Still, there are free rewards to grab, so it’ll be worth spending a few hours to experience the story.