MW3 players claim Ranked Play matchmaking is “100% broken”

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 ranked play operator holding gunActivision

Modern Warfare 3 players are claiming that the ranked matchmaking is broken in the game, as Iridescent and Crimson players are matched with lower ranks.

Modern Warfare 3 finally got its highly anticipated Ranked Play mode in Season 1 Reloaded, and the latest Season 2 update is giving players plenty of time to sink their teeth into it.

The latest season introduced some changes to maps, modes, and even restrictions for Ranked Play, and while overpowered weapons are usually the main concern in the competitive playlist, players have been more frustrated with the mode’s matchmaking.

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Some are even claiming that MW3’s Ranked Play matchmaking is “100% broken,” as Reddit user ‘KasicHD’ shared their concerns as well as an image of unbalanced teams.

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The OP explained further, as they said, “These type of matches should straight up never happen. Please bring back placement matches. Please fix the game.”

The image shows two teams up against each other in MW3‘s Ranked Play, with the Rangers team being much more experienced with Iridescent and Crimson-ranked players as opposed to the Bronze, Silver, and Platinum-ranked players on Spetsnaz.

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In agreement, one player also shared a similar experience, “Game’s 100% broken. I’m seeing a good number of MW2 diamonds stuck in silver and gold while I’m getting S1 plat teammates who are lost on the map.”

The comments are filled with similar opinions regarding MW3’s Ranked Play matchmaking, as one player even described it as “absolute garbage.” The same user agreed with the OP, as they said “there should 10000% be placement matches if you want to use unranked stats and elo to build the lobbies.”

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Ranked Play for MW3 is still in its early stages, so we expect the devs to continue fine-tuning and developing the experiences as the seasons go on. Who knows, perhaps MW3 Season 2 Reloaded will bring some much-needed updates to the competitive mode.

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