MW3 players slam former favorite map for being too “campy”

Nathan Warby
Terminal map in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 launched with the full lineup of maps from 2009’s MW2, which had all been given a fresh coat of paint to bring them into the current era. However, players claim a former beloved map plays much worse in the current game.

When it was announced that Modern Warfare 3 would be bringing back all 16 of the classic maps from MW2 (2009), players were understandably excited. While many old-school maps like Shipment and Rust have appeared in multiple games since their first releases, other underrated gems haven’t been seen since.

That being said, MW3 is a much different game compared to the almost 15-year-old title. It introduced a lot of new features, from Tac-Stance to Aftermarket Parts, as well as plenty of gameplay tweaks.

Now, players have picked out one fan-favorite map in particular that they don’t think has made a successful transition to the current day.

Reddit user ‘Previous-Chard-3583’ kicked off the conversation by asking, “[Were] people this campy on Terminal 15 years ago?” The OP went on to explain: “I just cannot play aggressive on this map without dying to a sniper in baggage claim or to a prone guy with a light machine gun sitting between suitcases.”

This sparked plenty of replies from players who agreed, with many coming up with theories as to why Terminal, which has gone down as a classic Call of Duty map, has struggled to make the jump.

The main argument was that the increased TTK in Modern Warfare 3 means that players now favor Sniper Rifles, which naturally favor those who sit and guard one position.

“You’d have a few back in the day but I do feel gameplay has heavily favored sniper in recent titles,” said one reply. “I feel most campers were still using AR’s/SMG’s not sniping in old titles.”

However, some simply felt that the design of Terminal doesn’t lend itself to a modern shooter like MW3.

“Imo it’s not a great map to play these days,” added another fan. “90% of the fights happen on the upper level of [the] map anyway. So usually the elevators and plane hallway is being camped to death because everybody is trying to reach the battle on the upper level.”

A handful of players did come to the defense of Terminal, claiming it still felt very similar back in 2009 but nostalgia might be clouding the community’s memory.

Meanwhile, others argued that Terminal isn’t the only map to be worse in this year’s game: “Every map is campy. It’s absolutely terrible mixed with the sniper + c***khead knife crew, all my kill cams are just lying prone or mounted to a corner or a crate.”

Given how iconic Terminal is, it’s highly unlikely that the devs will introduce any major changes to it at this point. Luckily, the return of the map voting feature in MW3 and the promise of new maps in future updates mean that those unhappy with it have a better chance of avoiding it.

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