MW3 players claim Season 1 map is best since Nuketown

Luca Di Marzo
Meat map MW3

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 delivered a few new maps to the game and players are claiming that one of them is the best CoD map design since the legendary Nuketown.

Modern Warfare 3 arrived with every classic map from 2009’s MW2 and more arrived with the Season 1 update. The major content drop brought Greece and Meat to the game as new 6v6 multiplayer maps.

Both maps were well received, but players have come to view Meat as a fan-favorite, even comparing it to some of Call of Duty’s most popular maps of all time.

A post on the MW3 subreddit praised the Season 1 addition of Meat. The OP claims that “Meat is the best small new map we’ve had in COD for years,” and even went on to state that, “It’s only second to Nuketown for me now.”

Several players backed the OP’s statement, with one saying: “I’d agree with Meat being the best smaller map aside from Nuketown. Shipment and Rust are just too small. You have to think as well the spawns have been bugged since S1, so imagine how great the map will be when they sort out the spawns.”

The comparisons to Nuketown didn’t stop there as another player stated that Meat’s three lanes offer a wide variety of gunfights, which is rare for a small map. “Nuketown was like that too,” they said, explaining that no matter which weapon you prefer, there’s “something for everyone.”

While most agreed that Meat is one of the best original maps to arrive in years, some even placed it above Nuketown in their personal rankings.

“I think Meat might actually be my favorite small map. Nuketown is classic and hard to top but meat has a good variety of areas for being such a small map. Like I can still hit AR longshots in the one lane, the meat locker is great for chaotic gun fights, etc.”

It remains to be seen if tweaks to spawns could push Meat further into the stratosphere of top-tier Call of Duty maps in Season 1 Reloaded.

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