MW3 player rages after learning “insane” lesson in Hardcore Shipment

Joaquín Frere
MW3 Shipment Map

This MW3 player learned a hard lesson when tackling a Hardcore Shipment multiplayer match. The mode puts players on the map with less HP, and small areas like Shipment seem to make players start “phoning their therapist,” after a few deaths.

Hardcore mode in MW3 is only for the brave and the bold, as it introduces players to multiplayer matches with less HP. Killing is easier, but enemies will kill you faster, so Hardcore mode shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you add small maps like Rust or Shipment to the mix, there’s more that should be taken into account when playing. Not everyone is suited for this mode, but players have found out that they are the best way to farm camo challenges.

Reddit user ‘MrEpicFerret’ had a hard time in a Hardcore Shipment match, where they just needed “two kills with a laser sight to get gold.” It seems that they not only didn’t get them but joked about “phoning” their therapist instead.

The MW3 community quickly jumped to back up the OP, stating that they “refuse to believe people actually enjoy Hardcore Shipment.” Others agreed but also said that “it’s much easier leveling sh*t guns and grinding camos on hc,” while referring to Hardcore mode.

As seen in the video above, the user ended up rage-quitting the match as he couldn’t achieve the objective they set for themselves. “It’s just masochism, it has to be lmao,” they added.

User ‘The_Legend_of_Xeno’ brought some fun into the post, adding that “Playing Shipment on a mode where any single bullet to any part of your body can kill you, while friendly fire is turned on, is indeed a choice.”

If you are tackling the Hardcore mode in any small maps like Scrapyard, Rust, or Shipment you better be careful, as it’s not easy on your piece of mind. Also, maybe have your therapist’s phone number at hand to join the OP before joining a Hardcore match again.

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