MW3 dev responds as players claim “revenge spawns” are getting worse

Liam Mackay
Ghost executing player in MW3 Rust

Some Modern Warfare 3 players are convinced “revenge spawns,” where you spawn in the prime position to immediately get revenge on the player who just killed you, have become much more frequent and a dev has responded.

While Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer has been well-received by the community, spawns have been an issue since launch. While spawns on regular maps like Quarry have been fixed, many players feel smaller maps like Rust and Meat could use more work.

With spawns being so erratic on these small maps, you’ll often find yourself spawning in the perfect position to quickly get revenge, and vice versa. This has led to some players being convinced that “revenge spawns” are an intended mechanic that has been ramped up since “the last update,” likely meaning December 14.

A player claimed they had “solid proof revenge spawns are ramped right up at the moment,” showing a player repeatedly spawn on them in Rust. “Barely had time to reload and the same person was basically spawning in my pocket,” they said.

“All you have to do is play Rustment right now and you can see something changed with the last update,” said one reply.

“I respawned on Rust and got the revenge before my previous body hit the ground,” replied another user, with lots more comments in agreement.

The post caught the eye of MW3’s developer Sledgehammer Games. “We’re aware of an issue causing unfavorable spawns on Rust, specific to TDM, KC, and HP, after the latest update,” they replied. “On Friday, we pulled these map+mode combinations from the Rustment 24/7 and Quick Play Playlists until we can release a fix.”

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While they didn’t respond to revenge spawns directly, they called them “unfavorable” and removed certain modes on Rust to fix them.

How long it’ll take Sledgehammer to fix up Rust’s spawns remains to be seen, but players can look forward to playing Tetanus, an “otherworld version of Rust” as part of the CODMAS event‘s new Vortex mode.

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