MW3 player claims “playing the objective” is key to controversial Armory Unlock system

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Modern Warfare 3 introduced a new system for unlocking in-game content through Armory Challenges, and since its launch, players have been divided between those who enjoy it and those who feel forced to play the objective.

Modern Warfare 3 is currently in full swing, offering players a ton of new content to explore and enjoy. From new features such as the Tac-Stance and the revamped Gear-based Perk system to the reintroduction of the cherished MW2 2009 map roster, fan-favorite features like the classic minimap and slide cancel mechanic.

Also, SHG introduced a fresh system for players to unlock in-game content, shifting from the traditional leveling up method. The Armory Unlock Challenges system grants players the opportunity to select a specific item they desire and complete challenges in order to unlock it.

While this has been welcomed by many players, the community has been divided on it due to the pressure of having to play the objective in order to complete the required challenges.

MW3 fan calls out players for “running past objectives”

In a Reddit post, user poobear7 shared their frustration over the new MW3 Armory Unlock system calling out players for “running past objectives,” stating that it “isn’t that bad” because it adds a system you can “work toward.”

However, diverse opinions surfaced within the MW3 community: “And then you have me having the worst time of my life with 10 captures and 2 min on hardpoint but still losing because of my mates,” highlighting that their hard work towards the objective didn’t guarantee the expected win result.

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“The armory system is bad because it focuses on the worst possible parts of CoD: forced situations… I should be able to unlock every attachment for a weapon by using the weapon,” shared another player opposing the statement of the publication’s author.

“I just don’t want to be forced to have to unlock stuff that way. It’s a casual arcade FPS and I have a full-time job working 50 hour weeks,” another player added and followed, “If a set of ‘exclusive’ attachments or camos were out behind the armory system, I’d actually find that cool as an additional grind.”

While SHG haven’t commented on the controversial situation caused by the new system, opinions within the community are sharply divided, with two distinct and contrasting perspectives.

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