Modern Warfare 3 players fear SBMM will “kill” the game

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Skill-based matchmaking or SBMM continues to be a contentious topic in the Call of Duty community following the release of Modern Warfare 3. Some players are convinced that SBMM will “kill” MW3, while others do not agree.

A new Call of Duty title means a new grind for the CoD community as players hop into Modern Warfare 3 to unlock the new weapons, Perks, camos, and more. While the classic maps from 2009’s MW2 will feel familiar to players, other returning features like SBMM have not been as well received.

Activision continue their radio silence when it comes to commenting on SBMM in Call of Duty titles, but it’s widely believed and accepted that MW3 does feature skill-based matchmaking.

As players continue to get to grips with Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer it seems like divisions are already forming on if SBMM will effectively “kill” the game. While some believe that SBMM will lead to players quitting the game earlier than ever, others are in direct disagreement.

The OP of the Reddit post below explains their experience with SBMM in MW3, and why it limits the fun for players: “Every single game is a sweatfest, I’m in lobbies with iridescent ranked players, bunny hopping, slide cancelling, meta weapons, yet everyone has around a 1.0 kd by the end of the match.”

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There’s no doubt that various players were on the OP’s side, as one comment read, “It just feels impossible to have fun in the game at the moment.” Another questioned why they’d play public matches over Ranked Play: “I’d absolutely rather just play ranked at this point. The variety and pacing that used to make public matches fun is just not there at all.”

Meanwhile, other players expressed their annoyance at hearing the same old narrative, and don’t think SBMM is going to kill MW3 at all: “I don’t think anything will be done. This has been a problem since MW19, every year the community has been saying for it to be removed since then and Activision refuses to comment on it at all.”

It seems certain players have lost hope in the removal of SBMM, given Activision’s supposed reasons for maintaining the feature despite the backlash: “Just spitballing here, but they might have statistical evidence that being dunked on hard makes people more likely to quit than struggling through a 1 ish kill ratio.”

As SBMM continues to be a hot topic for the MW3 community, it’ll be interesting to see if Activision finally address its presence in the game.

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