MW3 player finds simple trick to farm camo challenge

Joaquín Frere
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Trying to farm MW3 camo challenges can be tough, and players look for the best and fastest way to complete them. Here’s a tip from a player who used a classic map to their advantage, and came up with the best trick to farm the penetration kills camo challenge.

MW3 players don’t only think about having the best K/D ratio or the new playlists coming in Season 1. The aesthetics are everything, and having the coolest camo on your weapon is key when jumping into a spree of multiplayer matches.

In MW3, weapons have a series of challenges that players need to complete to unlock some of the best camos in the game. Some of them are a pain to finish, but hopefully, the community quickly finds ways to avoid the hard grind.

Reddit user ‘jonnyvue’ has the perfect and best trick to farm the “Penetration Kills” challenge, and you will be surprised about how they did it.

“Don’t blame me, blame the camo challenges, I just needed wallbangs,” said the user when they shared a video of a massive killing spree on MW3‘s Shipment, the classic map. The smart move takes place near one of the spawn points, and shooting through crates seems to be key for getting those penetration kills.

The secret to this trick is not only influenced by the map but the mode as well. Hardcore Kill Confirmed is what ‘jonnyvue’ utilized with the LMG’s rate of fire for easy penetration kills through Shipment’s containers.

“That’s disgusting. I love it,” said a user when referring to the OP’s “beautiful” method. “Nice. I bet they were pissed,” shared another one when referring to the opposing team.

Other players jumped into the replies of the post in the MW3 subreddit to describe their feelings on the method, as they felt “angry” at this, but also they “love it.” More tips appeared inside the post as well, and user ‘GooBear187’ added that the B flag site of Scrapyard is also a good choice for farming camos.

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