Modern Warfare 3 players worry Shipment will be “unplayable”

Max Candelarezi
MW2 Operator in Shipment

Despite making its triumphant return in Modern Warfare 3, players believe Shipment will be “unplayable” due to a weapon that could turn the fan-favorite map into a “spam fest.”

Modern Warfare 3 is currently underway with players leveling up all weapons to prepare for the arrival of Season 1, which is set to bring a ton of new content that players will be able to enjoy in both multiplayer plus the next chapter of Warzone.

Additionally, the grind for the new Mastery camos is also in full swing, with players doing their best to unlock all 12 of MW3’s Zombies and multiplayer camos before the next major update hits on all modes.

Given this grind, players discovered some weapons that seem to be overpowered, especially on small maps, believing they could ruin the Shipment experience, even though it’s usually chaotic in itself. In a Reddit post, user ‘iliphiya’ shared their concerns stating: “Shipment is about to be unplayable.”

And they went on to say, “This alone [RGL-80] is about to make shipment a spam fest. Good luck camo grinders.” Given the rise in popularity of the grenade launcher in multiplayer matches.

Another player chimed in the comments, adding: “Throw in some flashbangs and some super shottys with flame breaths and we home golden,” implying that the grenade launcher might not be the only problem Shipment players will have to face in MW3.

However, other users noted that while the situation could be annoying, the map is already known for its cluttered experience: “You say that like Shipment wasn’t a steaming pile for the last several years.”

Still, it remains uncertain what changes SHG has in mind for weapons in MW3. Yet, if these changes address the concerns players have regarding weapons and Equipment, it could potentially improve the overall experience.

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