MW3 players claim SMGs are still “peashooters” despite buffs

Nathan Warby
MW3 player on Estate with SMG

Since launch, Modern Warfare 3 players have felt that SMGs have been outshined by other categories, even at close range. The devs responded by introducing some buffs in the November 21 update, but many feel that SMGs are still “underpowered.”

Modern Warfare 3 features the biggest launch line of weapons in the CoD series to date, with 36 new guns as well as the full arsenal from MW2 (2022). This gives plenty of freedom when choosing their loadout, from heavy LMGs to Sniper Rifles that thrive at long range.

But some guns are always stronger than others and the community has wasted no time discovering the meta options. Since MW3 arrived, many players have called out the SMGs in the game for being too weak, leading Sledgehammer Games to buff them in the November 21 update.

However, players feel that despite the buffs SMGs are still being outperformed in Modern Warfare 3, even at close range.

Reddit user ‘_-DC-‘ shared a post, asking: “Is it just me or are the SMGs really underpowered in this game?” They went on to say that grinding camos has been a “slog fest” so far, as most guns in the category “feel like peashooters.”

Plenty of other players responded in agreement, arguing that they are only “useable” in Hardcore modes, as the additional health in Core slows down the TTK too far.

In a separate Reddit thread, ‘dark_kitty’ argued that Assault Rifles have become superior to virtually every other gun, asking: “Genuinely, what’s the point of using any other weapon class than ARs?” When comparing them to SMGs, he added that their “ADS and sprint out times are almost as good.”

The OP wasn’t alone either, as many fans replied claiming that they have been outgunned at close range, even when running an SMG after the buffs.

“The BAS-B can match or even beat the TTK of most SMGs up close with negligible differences in ADS speed and movement speed,” said one player. “So why not just take the extra 20 meters of range, better recoil control and more forgiving headshot multiplier?”

Only time will tell if Sledgehammer Games will take the feedback on board and tweak SMGs again to make them more effective. Players will be hoping for some major buffs in MW3 Season 1, in time for their integration with Warzone.

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