MW3 players tired of “weird” seasonal progression call for classic Prestige

Max Candelarezi
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When it comes to leveling up and earning rewards, CoD has always been identified with the classic Prestige system, but after being abandoned in recent games, MW3 players are calling for its return over the current “weird” seasonal progression.

Since CoD 4, the Prestige system has stood out as a key feature for players who, by climbing to the highest level available had the possibility of getting awarded for their effort. This allowed for additional objectives and a greater effort to recover progress each time the player decided to Prestige.

But starting with MW 2019, CoD implemented the seasonal Prestige, with players unlocking content by advancing through the first 55 Military Ranks. Then, upon reaching Military Rank 55, they enter seasonal levels, starting at level 1, keeping everything they previously unlocked.

Following the implementation of the new system, players have repeatedly voiced their preference for a return to the traditional approach. Many find the seasonal system to be “weird” and less rewarding. In a Reddit post, user heavencs117 voiced his feelings about it stating: “I miss Prestige.”

In the post, the user shared a strong desire to Prestige, highlighting it served as a “personal marker for… how much [he] liked that particular CoD.” Then he added, “I’ve just definitely already played MWIII enough to have prestiged at least twice by now lmao.”

Another user chimed in to convey their feelings, stating, “I miss it a lot as well. It’s frustrating to be restricted by levels and expend experience points without any meaningful outcome.” They also highlighted the pointless of earning XP after reaching level 55 in MW3.

“I miss the OLD Prestige system. Want to Prestige? Ok cool, but you’ll lose all your weapon progress but allow you to keep one weapon unlocked. At times it sucked, but it always kept the game interesting and challenging,” shared another user, emphasizing the challenge and entertainment of the old system.

Even though it doesn’t seem like the system is going to change, despite SHG’s attempt to do so with MW3, players still hold out hope for a change in the current system.

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