MW3 players slam “stupid” camo challenge as worst in the game

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 zombies camos

Modern Warfare 3 players are sick of a certain camo challenge in the game, as they claim it tops the list as the most “stupid” and worst challenge of them all.

There are plenty of different camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 3. Not only does the game feature completely new base and Mastery camos for MW3 weapons but there are also the MW2 weapon camos available for players to unlock too.

On top of that, the MW3 Zombies mode is also home to its own camos, so no matter which mode you enjoy, you’ll likely be unlocking them as you play. Those who like to grind camos and unlock them all will be familiar with the challenges you are tasked to complete in order to unlock certain camos.

Unfortunately, one of the camo challenges is causing a lot of frustration in the community, as players are calling out the “kills affected by Tacticals” challenge, which needs to be done on every SMG in MW3.

Reddit user JermaineTyroneLamar has even called this camo challenge the “worst challenge in the game,” providing reasons as to why they believe so.

The OP explained that this challenge is “1000x worse” than any of the other more difficult ones, as “it forces you to completely change how you play the game, and 80% of the time playing the game how the challenge wants you to play isn’t even enough.”

The user shares “five scenarios” that tend to happen when trying to complete the challenge, as once they manage to get a stun or flash off on an enemy, the kill is either stolen, the enemy gets away, they don’t get the kill in the time window, or the enemy manages to “kill you through the flash/stun.”

In the comments of the post, many were in agreement, as one user said, “It is the worst challenge,” while another described the challenge as “stupid.”

That said, some feel the introduction of Shipment will save players from “frustrating” challenges such as this: “Shipment will soon descend down from the clouds, like a map Jesus, coming to absolve you of your camo grind.”

Players are even accidentally flashing/stunning themselves while doing the challenge, as one Redditor shared a clip of their “experience” in trying to complete this objective, which ended with them rage quitting.

Clearly, there are frustrations in the community regarding this camo challenge. It’s unlikely that anything will change, so players will have to try their best to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, perhaps utilizing Shipment when that drops.

Stuns are very powerful in the game, so if the devs ever decide to introduce a nerf to any of the Tactical equipment in MW3, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. For now, check out the best Vest to use for MW3’s multiplayer.

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