CoD fans furious over “worst ever” UI layout returning in Modern Warfare 3

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price

Following the campaign gameplay reveal, players realized that the hated MW2 UI layout is set to return in Modern Warfare 3, making them furious in the process.

Although Sledgehammer Games committed to bringing back a lot of classic CoD features that Infinity Ward removed, a persistent concern amongst players has been the horizontal user interface (UI), which was not well received by MW2 players.

Despite desperately asking for the horizontal UI layout to be changed, it seems that MW3 won’t be the title that brings this highly requested change back to CoD players. A recent gameplay image has led to outrage amongst fans after noticing that Modern Warfare 3 will keep the same UI layout as MW2.

MW2 UI to return in Modern Warfare 3

On August 23, Sledgehammer Games unveiled the first images of the UI in Modern Warfare 3, following the overview of Open Combat missions. While fans were expecting UI updates, they were faced once more with disappointment concerning the MW2 UI, which seems to be returning in MW3.

The shared picture above reveals the loadout screen from the campaign, featuring the exact same UI layout as MW2. This indicates that MW3 will likely be following the same overall UI.

With the Call of Duty HQ concept taking over it, players shouldn’t expect changes to the UI as the devs work to provide a UI that matches across console, PC, and Warzone Mobile.

Below CharlieIntel’s post that shared the news, users began to express their dissatisfaction. “RIP Vertical layouts,” content creator WhosImmortal said. Another player added: “The worst UI ever in the history of Call of Duty is back.”

“They could have at least changed the UI a bit. Looks exactly the same,” another fan conveyed their feelings in the post’s replies, frustrated by the expected changes that did not come with this year’s game.

In a Reddit post, another fan tried to explain the possible reasoning behind the controversial UI design: “It works for mobile, and that’s the intention. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eyesore for console/PC.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the UI does indeed stay the same for this year’s Modern Warfare 3, as nothing has been confirmed yet.

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