Modern Warfare 2 camo system explained: How to unlock Mastery camos

Modern Warfare 2 camos

Modern Warfare 2 will introduce a new camo system for players to grind, so here’s what you need to know including how to unlock the coveted Master camos.

Modern Warfare 2’s October 28 launch is right around the corner, and players are gearing up to dive into everything multiplayer has to offer. Once players get accustomed to the new maps, modes, and weapons, it’ll be time to embark on the camo unlock grind.

The devs are introducing new features to the camo challenge system in Modern Warfare 2 in the hopes of streamlining the process for those interested in unlocking Mastery camos.

Here’s an overview of how the new camo system works in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 camo system explained

Modern Warfare 2 camos are split into two groups: Base camos and Mastery camos. Base camos are unlocked by completing a specific Base camo challenge with a weapon. The Base camo challenge system will task players with completing from one to four objectives.

What’s interesting about Base camos is that they can be universally applied. After they’re unlocked for the first time, they can be used on all weapons. You don’t need to unlock the same Base camo for each weapon in the game.

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“Each Gunsmithable Weapon — that is, a weapon that has attachments — has four Base Camo Challenges.” The first of the four challenges will be a kill count challenge, and it will be available once the weapon is unlocked. Meanwhile, the remaining three will be unlocked at specific weapon levels.

Activision explained that “Each non-Gunsmithable weapon — that is, weapons without attachments — has one Base Camo, unlocked by completing a basic Kill Count challenge.”

A weapon like the RPG-7 will only have one Base camo challenge to complete. Once this challenge is complete the player will also have access to the Gold Mastery camo for the RPG.

Meanwhile, Mastery camos are unlocked for one specific weapon at a time. There are four Mastery camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 2: Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion.

According to Activision: “Just with the launch weapon roster alone, there will be more than 180+ unique Camos to earn at launch.”

How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 Mastery camos

Infinity Ward’s overhaul of the camo challenge system in Modern Warfare 2 will allow players to earn more camos and rewards than ever before. With a maximum of four Base camo challenges per weapon, players should be able to move on to Mastery camos quite quickly.

Ast the devs explained: “Its goal is to give you those Mastery Camos — Gold, Platinum, and more — sooner.” Unlike Base camos, Mastery camos are not universal and they must be unlocked for each specific weapon.

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Modern Warfare 2 Gold camo

In order to unlock the Gold camo in Modern Warfare 2, players will need to get a certain number of kills with the weapon, without dying a certain number of times.

Once we get our hands on Modern Warfare 2, we’ll provide the exact number of kills needed to complete the challenge.

The Gold Camo Challenge for each weapon is available once all of its Base Camo Challenges are completed.

Gold will be the first Mastery camo unlocked in Modern Warfare 2. Once a player completes all of the Base camo challenges for a particular weapon, they’ll unlock the Gold camo.


Modern Warfare 2 Platinum camo

Players will need to finish a specific number of Gold Camo Challenges in each weapon category, to unlock the Platinum camo in Modern Warfare 2.

Once again, we’ll provide details concerning the precise amount once they’re revealed.

The Platinum Camo challenge for each weapon will only become available once the Gold camo is unlocked “across a minimum number of weapons in each category.”


Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic camo

This Polyatomic camo challenge is yet another challenge specific to each weapon category. It remains to be seen what this will entail.

Polyatomic follows the Platinum challenge and is only available once the Platinum Camo is unlocked across a minimum of 51 weapons.

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The Polyatomic camo challenge in Modern Warfare 2 will depend on the weapon you’re using. “For example: the M4’s Polyatomic Camo Challenge is different compared to the RPG-7’s Polyatomic Camo Challenge.”


Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo

To unlock the Orion Mastery camo in Modern Warfare 2, players must unlock Polyatomic on a minimum of 51 weapons.

Orion is the final reward for players who put the time in to unlock Polyatomic. Once the minimum of 51 weapons with Polyatomic is reached, those weapons will receive the Orion camo.

Following the minimum of 51 weapons, any weapon that reaches Polyatomic will receive Orion.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Mastery challenge explained

Weapon Mastery challenges are returning to Modern Warfare 2, giving players a chance to earn unique Calling Cards, Emblems, and other cosmetics.

To gain access to a weapon’s Mastery challenge you’ll have to unlock all four Mastery camos for that specific weapon.

The Weapon Mastery challenge will task players with earning a specific number of kills with a weapon while a Mastery camo is equipped.

For example, for the M4:

  • Gold Mastery Challenge: Get 100 Kills with Gold Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Platinum Mastery Challenge: Get 200 Kills with Platinum Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Polyatomic Mastery Challenge: Get 300 Kills with Polyatomic Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Orion Mastery Challenge: Get 400 Kills with Orion Camo equipped to the weapon.

Each Mastery challenge will reward players with a cosmetic item based on that weapon.

The final reward is a weapon Charm which is unlocked after completing all four Mastery challenges.

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Image Credit: Activision