MW3 players are getting roasted for immediately using MW2 guns

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 armory weapons

Despite Modern Warfare 3 bringing plenty of new weapons to test out, players can continue to utilize MW2 weapons thanks to the Carry Forward feature. Those continuing to use MW2 weapons in MW3 are getting roasted at launch.

Modern Warfare 3 has arrived and there’s a ton for players to discover, including a Zombies mode and multiplayer with plenty of new features. While the new maps, weapons, and movement changes are sure to grab the headlines, certain content from its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2, is also available in the game.

Thanks to the Carry Forward feature that the devs have implemented, cosmetics like Operators, skins, and camos are accessible in MW3. In addition, weapons from 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 have also made their way to Modern Warfare 3 at launch.

While MW2 weapons are available in Modern Warfare 3, some players are already getting roasted for using them on day one, ignoring the shiny new weapons on display.

For starters, it seems as though using MW2 weapons will not count toward the completion of Modern Warfare 3 Weekly Challenges. These challenges will allow players to unlock unique camos and vast amounts of XP amongst other items.

It’s possible that the devs have not made MW2 eligible to contribute to Weekly Challenges in order to incentivize the use of new Modern Warfare 3 weapons.

Whether that’s the case or not, some players are baffled that anyone would use Modern Warfare 2 weapons to begin with, given the fresh start that comes with the launch of Modern Warfare 3.

CoD content creator WhosImmortal had this to say to players sticking to MW2 weapons: “If you’re using MW2 guns on day 1 of MW3 launching we need to have a talk…”

The replies to the CharlieIntel post above are also full of bewildered players who can’t believe that some would still be using MW2 weapons: “Who goes into a new game and uses last games guns surely you want to grind the news ones straight away.”

Another player said: “Awesome, people won’t be running around with maxed weapons as much.” While most players shared this sentiment, don’t be surprised to find some dominating the early weeks of MW3 with the TAQ-56 or Vaznev.

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