MW3 devs respond to broken Daily Challenges not tracking progress

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare 3 Operators

Modern Warfare 3 introduced a system allowing players to unlock in-game content through Daily Challenges, but since the game’s launch players reported the challenges were broken. Luckily, MW3 devs have responded to this issue.

Modern Warfare 3 is fully underway after its November 10 launch, allowing players to dive into a ton of content, including the return of the MW2 2009 map roster, a fresh array of weapons, as well as the first-ever Zombies mode within the MW saga.

MW3 also introduced the Armory Unlock system, offering players access to specific content by completing Daily Challenges, such as Field Upgrades, Perks, weapons, and more.

However, following the game’s launch, the system has been widely criticized, with to players reporting incorrect progress tracking. Fortunately, the developers have addressed these issues, responding to player concerns within a few days.

Through the Call of Duty Updates X account, the MW3 dev team shared they were investigating the issue with the incorrect Daily Challenges progression on all platforms.

Given the system partially replaces the traditional unlock system, its malfunction prevents players from unlocking useful content within MW3 multiplayer. Unfortunately, SHG haven’t provided a specific date for addressing the issue.

Below the CoD Updates’ post, players showed their anger not only at the unlock system but also at its malfunction, even giving extreme solutions. “Here’s an instant fix get rid of it. It’s so stupid you have to unlock certain things this way,” a player expressed.

As previously stated, although a specific date for the resolution has not been disclosed, it is anticipated that the resolution of this issue will occur in the near future.

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