Warzone makes controversial Armory Unlock challenges a breeze

Nathan Warby
Warzone Operators in front of truck

Modern Warfare 3 introduced the controversial Armory Unlock system for earning weapons and attachments, but Warzone players have discovered that switching to the battle royale makes completing the challenges much more straightforward.

The Warzone Season 1 update marks the game’s full integration with Modern Warfare 3, bringing the two titles together for the first time. This means that plenty of MW3 have made their way over to the battle royale, from its enhanced movement to the full lineup of weapons.

Among the new arrivals is the controversial Armory Unlock system, which asks players to complete a set number of Daily Challenges to earn specific weapons, attachments, Equipment, and more. The system was divisive among the community, with many feeling it dragged out the process of getting items normally unlocked by leveling up.

But now that the feature has arrived in Warzone as part of the Urzikstan update, players have discovered that playing the battle royale ticks off challenges much quicker than multiplayer.

Just like Modern Warfare 3, Warzone’s Armory Unlocks require players to complete Daily Challenges. But there’s also a bonus task each day that simply asks them to “play and survive in Warzone to earn points,” replacing MW3’s bonus challenge of winning matches.

Although it doesn’t mention how long you need to survive or if there’s a certain player count they need to reach, players have found that they can earn a huge number of points in a single match.

Warzone leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope” posted on X (formerly Twitter) saying that “Armory Unlocks are OP as f**k,” claiming: “No clue how they work but I got 23 points just in one game from a top 15.”

Plenty of other players found the Armory Unlcoks much more straightforward in Warzone, with some even mentioning that they “finished everything” just hours after the update went live.

The challenge itself only asks fans to play and survive in Warzone, but some have speculated that individual actions in a match could also grant bonus points. “I got a ton just from the 4 games I played. I think maybe kills, score, and contracts give points?” said one reply.

As many pointed out, Armory Unlocks carry over between MW3 and Warzone, so this seems to be a quick and easy way to earn every gun and attachment, even if you normally stick to multiplayer.

The developers are yet to confirm if the Warzone Armory Unlocks are working as intended or if a bug is causing them to progress faster than they should. Either way, there’s a good chance the system could be nerfed in a future update to prevent players from unlocking every item too quickly.

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