Modern Warfare 3 devs confirm “Groot” skin nerf is in the works

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Since its release, Gaia’s “Groot” skin has taken over both MW3 and Warzone, as players become practically invisible due to the skin’s color tones which easily camouflage itself in the surroundings.

In recent years, Call of Duty has faced various issues related to skins and content, with players pointing out in-game advantages in matches, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone were no exception.

With the launch of Season 6, MW2 and Warzone received the now popular Gaia skin with a Groot-style appearance that can easily be camouflaged in surroundings.

Luckily, after months of players complaining and waiting for updates or changes, the MW3 devs confirmed their plan to nerf this aspect of Gaia.

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MW3 Gaia skin to be disabled & nerfed

During a MW3 Q&A session through Reddit, Sledgehammer Games shared that “adjustments to Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator Skins are in the pipeline for Modern Warfare III.” Further, they stated that in a future game update, they will disable this item until the changes are released to all players.

Unfortunately, the SHG team didn’t share an exact date, but they did announce that until the issue is resolved, the Gaia skin will be disabled from MW3. Then, once they find a solution, it will be reintroduced again in the game.

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This controversy stands as the most significant conflict surrounding a character’s skin since Roze in MW 2019 and the recent Black Noir Operator in MW2. Similar to Gaia’s skin, Roze and Black Noir had the ability to blend seamlessly into dark environments, granting players a tactical advantage in both multiplayer, Verdansk, and Rebirth Island.

Despite the swift resolution players expected, especially after the previous situations, it was SHG who decided to finally tackle the problem. The Carry Forward feature allowed the skin to become available in MW3, negatively impacting players’ gaming experience, similar to MW2 and Warzone.

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