Controversial Roze skin reportedly returning in Warzone 2

Andrew Highton
roze skin pose in cod warzone

Warzone 2 is reportedly gearing up to bring back the Roze skin, a paid cosmetic item that caused players so much grief in the original Warzone experience.

The words “Roze skin” will likely trigger PTSD for many Call of Duty: Warzone players who had to come up against the notorious skin.

Roze became instantly vilified by a large portion of the CoD community due to the skin’s uncanny ability to blend into dark backgrounds, rendering the outfit almost invisible.

It was eventually nerfed by Raven Software, but it still caused issues from time to time. Caldera brought its reign of terror to an end due to the brightness of the map, but with Al Mazrah next up in Warzone 2, players might be worried about a rumored Roze skin having the same effects.

Warzone 2 Roze skin hinted at by leaker

For too long it became a regular occurrence that a player would storm into a room, see nothing, and then get downed by a flurry of bullets coming directly from the shadows in front of them.

According to GhostOfHope, Warzone 2 players will need to cross their fingers that the new map’s lighting is on point.

The renowned leaker announced way back on March 13, 2022, that Roze would be “returning as a character and Operator in Modern Warfare II.”

Now, they’ve retweeted this message with a tick emoji to double down on this piece of leaked Warzone 2 information.

Even though they don’t say anything, a picture is worth a thousand words – or an emoji in this case.

Outside of the OG Roze skin, there have been examples of skins that have possessed the same kind of invisibility effects such as the Violet Stealth pack skin, as well as the Night Terror Florence skin.

They simply don’t compare to Roze though, so we’ll have to wait and see how problematic a new skin in the same vein proves to be.

Image Credit: Activision