Warzone players claim ‘pay-to-win’ skin is even more OP in The Haunting night maps

Joseph Pascoulis
gaia skin in warzone 2

Pay-to-win skins have been a controversial topic when it comes to Warzone, and now players are claiming The Haunting event has made the Battle Pass Gaia skin even harder to see in-game.

Warzone’s final update before the release of Modern Warfare 3 and the ultimate integration of MW3 into the battle royale has landed, bringing The Haunting Halloween event along with it.

The update introduced loads of new content in the spirit of Halloween, with the Soul Capture event, new Equipment, spooky Operators, and nighttime versions of the Warzone maps.

Speaking of Operators and nighttime maps, players feel The Haunting event has made one of the game’s ‘pay-to-win‘ skins even worse, as players take to Reddit to express their frustration.

Despite receiving visibility updates in the October 11 patch, Warzone player ‘DeLarge93‘ is claiming that the nighttime maps with the Gaia skin in The Haunting event are “literally unplayable.”

They explain that they “physically cannot see anybody” who has killed them with the Gaia skin equipped.

The Battle Pass Gaia Operator features a unique design, as the skin has many holes to simulate a tree-like aesthetic, with the character being formed by loads of individual branch connections, similar to Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s this aspect of the skin that players are frustrated with, as it causes visibility issues, especially in the dark lighting of The Haunting nighttime Warzone maps.

Others in the comments of the Reddit post also agree, as one user said “I played one game and quit. You can’t see s**t,” while another commented, “I came on reddit just to see if anyone agrees with me…thank god, who tf thinks of this s**t.”

Others offer some advice, as a few users recommend the use of “thermal optics,” while another claimed that NVGs are “clutch this map.” You can loot the NVGs in Warzone but they aren’t the easiest item to find, so if you’re struggling with enemy visibility in The Haunted night maps, especially with Gaia, it’s worth throwing a thermal optic on your weapon.

For more on Warzone, make sure you also check out the full DMZ patch notes for The Haunting update.

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