Modern Warfare 3 players baffled “most iconic” attachment from MW2 is still missing

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Modern Warfare 3 is the third installment in Call of Duty’s rebooted Modern Warfare series and it draws inspiration from titles like 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. While classic maps and certain classic weapons have returned, players are still waiting for a classic attachment to arrive.

For many Call of Duty players, Modern Warfare 3 brings back fond memories of playing 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. A lot of that feeling is derived from every map from MW2 being present in Modern Warfare 3. However, the feeling of nostalgia goes beyond just the maps as players also received updated versions of the classic ACR and UMP45.

As the feeling of playing MW2 rushes back to players, some can’t help but notice one major omission that has been absent from every game of the Modern Warfare reboot so far. A post on the MW3 subreddit reads: “How Are We 3 Games Into a MODERN WARFARE REBOOT and We Still Don’t Have the Tactical Knife Attachment?”

Fans of the original Modern Warfare 2 will no doubt remember the Tactical Knife attachment, which wreaked havoc in multiplayer lobbies thanks in part to the Commando Perk. It seems players believe the attachment would be a perfect fit for MW3.

As one reply explained, it’s been a considerable amount of time since a similar attachment was featured in a CoD title: “Cod wwii was the last time it was a universal pistol attachment, black ops 4 had it locked to one pistol.”

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Another comment highlighted the fact that a Tactical Knife attachment would feel unique in MW3, given the game’s melee kill requirements: “Would love to see it back, it’s just so fun to use and would actually be more unique since the game isn’t one hit melees anymore.”

It’s clear that players would love to see it make a comeback. One player even highlighted how Sledgehammer’s Aftermarket Parts could open the door for a return.

“This is one of the key issues with the gunsmith system: there are hardly any attachments that change something about the fundamental way that a gun works,” said the fan. “I think they’re trying to fix that with the Aftermarket parts, so we’ll see.”

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