Warzone guru slams $30 BlackCell reward as “worst” Sniper scope in the game

Nathan Warby
Warzone player aiming Sniper scope in firing range

Warzone’s players can earn additional rewards by upgrading to the BlackCell Battle Pass, but CoD guru Metaphor has slammed the Season 6 offering, as he claims it includes the “worst” Sniper scope in the entire game.

The Warzone Battle Pass gives players the opportunity to earn a ton of rewards as they play, from new weapons like the ISO 9mm to unique Operator skins. With Season 6, fans can earn a number of Spawn outfits to tie in with The Haunting Halloween event.

But those looking to make the most of each season can upgrade to the BlackCell Battle Pass. By paying $30, you can skip the first 20 Tiers and access exclusive rewards, including Blueprints that aren’t available to standard Battle Pass owners.

However, Warzone expert Metaphor has claimed that the Season 6 edition of BlackCell includes an Optic that does more harm than good.

He highlighted the Sudden Death MCPR-300, which comes equipped with the Heavy Weight BlackCell of the Drexom Prime-90, a Sniper scope that comes in multiple different colors. The Heavy Weight variant features a red effect while aiming, but the YouTuber wasn’t impressed with how it played.

“I originally thought this was just going to be a cool skin that I got in my BlackCell bundle but I regret to inform you that this gun is not what it seems,” said Metaphor. “It’s unbelievable how bad it is. You actually pay money to get the worst possible scope.”

He went on to show off some Warzone gameplay of the scope in action. The red color made it extremely difficult to pick out enemies at a distance, while the sheer size of the Optic took up most of the screen and obscured his visibility.

After testing out the Heavy Weight BlackCell version, Metaphor claimed that the paid variant of the scope is actually less effective than the standard one and that earning kills is incredibly tough while using it.

“They’re literally selling you a scope that’s worse than the other one, I’m not even joking,” he said. “This is harder than it looks. However hard this looks, I’m telling you it’s harder.”

Given that the BlackCell Battle Pass will set players back $30, many might be disappointed to hear that rewards might not be worth it in Season 6. It remains to be seen how the rewards will change once Modern Warfare 3 arrives, bringing even more weapons and Operators.