Meta Warzone SMG is must-use with rapid TTK at every range

Joseph Pascoulis
inspecting the striker 9 in warzone firing range

Close-range performance is incredibly important when it comes to SMGs in Warzone. However, one of the options stands out thanks to its incredibly strong TTK past 30 meters.

Warzone‘s meta has been all over the place in Season 3, and with the major Renetti nerf, players have been scouring the game’s arsenal for close-range replacements. While Handguns shouldn’t be overlooked, SMGs are a reliable option when it comes to close-quarters combat and Sniper support loadouts.

In fact, the Striker 9 has become a must-use SMG in Warzone after proving itself with some impressive TTK numbers across all ranges.

While most SMGs are never going to top the best Assault Rifles at range, the Striker 9’s TTK from 20 to 60 meters is very strong and even boasts competitive numbers sub 20 meters when compared to the HRM-9 and RAM-9.

This makes the Striker 9 a top choice for Season 3, with special thanks to a buff in the patch notes which saw its max damage range increase from 10.67 meters to 12.19.

It’s the perfect Sniper Support in Warzone Season 3, especially on a map like Rebirth Island. It maintains a rapid TTK from close quarters and is one of the game’s best options for medium range. Using our best loadout for the Striker 9 in Warzone, you also won’t have a problem controlling its low recoil, which makes it even more reliable and versatile.

Popular Warzone content creator WhosImmortal also believes the Striker 9 is a meta SMG in the new season, as he included it in his SMG meta loadouts video on April 15, 2024, calling it “really easy to use.”

So, the Striker 9 is definitely worth using in Warzone Season 3, especially if you’re looking for something that can pair well with a Sniper such as the MORS or FJX Imperium.

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