“Crazy” two-shot Warzone Pistol is getting completely ignored

Nathan Warby
Warzone player using Tyr with JAK Beholder Rifle Kit

Warzone players tend to gravitate toward an SMG for close-range gunfights, but this underrated Pistol equipped with a unique Aftermarket Part can drop enemies in just two shots, making it the perfect partner to an LMG or Sniper.

The Warzone meta is pretty varied in Season 3 Reloaded, with a number of different weapons emerging as top options. However, these are mostly limited to the same handful of categories; Assault Rifles and LMGs for long-range and SMGs for close-quarters combat.

But there are top-tier choices in more underrated classes, and the Tyr Pistol of those is slipping under the radar. With the help of the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit, the Handgun looks and feels more like a Marksman Rifle, with plenty of stopping power.

This Aftermarket Part drastically buffs the range and velocity, as well as making it much more accurate and easier to use. The result is a weapon that’s capable of downing a fully-plated enemy in just two upper-body shots at close range.

Warzone expert WhosImmortal included the Tyr in his video breaking down the “most overpowered” guns in the game, where he described the Pistol’s two-shot potential as “crazy.” He also compared the build to an “extended Shotgun,” as it kills just as quickly but with much more range.

After trialing the Tyr with the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit out in Warzone, I found that enemies took just two well-placed shots to eliminate up to around 10-15 meters. This dropped to three shots at around 20-25 meters, but two headshots still managed to do the trick.

However, the main drawback is that its slow fire rate and small magazine size are much less forgiving than meta SMGs. With only six shots before a reload is required, it takes a skilled aim to ensure you’re not being wasteful with your bullets and achieving the fastest TTK.

That being said, if you’re hitting head or body shots consistently and you’ve got a rapid trigger finger, there aren’t too many weapons more effective than the Tyr at close to mid-range. With this in mind, it’s the perfect partner to a meta LMG like the DG-58 LSW.