Easy-to-use Warzone SMG with meta TTK is perfect Superi 46 alternative

Max Candelarezi
Warzone player using RAM-9 SMG

Having the best SMG in Warzone has proved essential to dominate any close-range encounter, and following the Season 4 weapon adjustments, a previously popular pick has returned thanks to its meta TTK.

Warzone has a wide variety of weapons players can choose from, including versatile Assault Rifles and long-range Sniper Rifles. However, when it comes to close range the powerful SMGs have proven to be the most effective option within the game.

Despite the Superi 46 and FJX Horus becoming popular choices in Season 4, the RAM-9 has become a top-tier pick in Warzone, especially on small and frenetic maps like Rebirth Island, which features a ton of tight spaces both outside and inside buildings.

According to the TrueGameData comparison tool, the RAM-9 has a time-to-kill (TTK) of 650ms, which is 20ms slower than the Superi 46’s TTK of 630ms. However, at a distance of 20 meters, this gap narrows to just 5ms.

Content creator Booya highlighted the RAM-9 SMG in his June 11 video highlighting its great ADS speed and movement when using the best loadout.

To excel with the RAM-9, Booya equipped the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider Muzzle and SL Razorhawk Laser Light combo to achieve controllable recoil and increased sprint-to-fire and ADS speed.

Then, the DR-6 Handstop Underbarrel significantly improved movement, ADS, sprint-to-fire, and crouch speeds, which is essential to feeling agile.

Finally, the 9mm High Grain Rounds Ammunition and 50 Round Mag provided greater bullet velocity, range, and ammunition to allow the RAM-9 to compete with other close-range weapons beyond 20 meters and prevent you from running out of bullets mid-fight.

Make sure to check the best controller and audio settings to control Warzone matches, allowing you to level up quickly and earn a ton of free rewards.