Kevin Durant’s favorite Warzone weapons are actually meta

Max Candelarezi
Kevin Durant Call of Duty Operator

Phoenix Suns’ superstar Kevin Durant revealed his favorite Warzone weapons and the changes he wants to see for his in-game Operator in Call of Duty.

On April 11, during a podcast with Boardroom, NBA All-Star Kevin Durant shared his thoughts on gaming, including his favorite Warzone weapons, and the changes he would have liked to make to his Operator skin in the game.

Durant kicked the discussion off by sharing that he’s into Call of Duty “heavily,” and despite running some popular weapons like the BP50, HRM-9, Pulemyot 762, and TAQ Evolvere, which are actually considered meta in Season 3, he’s always switching guns in every match.

This led to a question asking how the Kevin Durant CoD Operator was created, to which the NBA star answered “from playing every day.” Additionally, he explained he played MW2 early and went to the devs’ offices to “vibe” with the team which ended up bringing the idea to life.

While he considers the Operator “elite,” Durant would like to see it receive some updates. During the podcast, he explained his idea for an alternate “Slim Reaper” Operator. This is related to his nickname, which originates from his tall, thin physique and killer scoring ability.

He explained that he wanted the Operator to stand at a towering height of 6’9″ feet. However, the developers noted he would “stand out too much and get killed too easily.” Also, he envisioned the Operator wielding the iconic Scythe as his signature weapon to match the Reaper persona.

After the MW3 and Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update, leakers found references to KD’s teammate Devin Booker as an Operator, who according to Durant is “averaging at least 12 [kills] a game in Resurgence” and “runs with the real pros.”

However, only time will tell if a Booker Operator will make its way to Warzone and MW3, but we’ll keep you posted if this happens sometime in the future.

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