Best Warzone SMG outguns meta ARs with long-range build

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operators walking together with guns

Assault Rifles tend to be the go-to weapon category for Warzone players, but the new Superi 46 might become your new favorite as it can actually outperform many ARs when you build it for range.

Most Warzone players tend to use an Assault Rifle for mid-to-long-range engagements, while SMGs dominate the close-range. That said, the Superi 46 has been blurring the lines between the two categories as if you equip the right attachments, it can compete with and even outperform meta ARs.

To build the AR Superi 46 loadout, you’ll need to equip attachments that extend its range and reduce its recoil so that you can stay on target and eliminate enemies outside of close-range proximity.

The Bruen Heavy Support Grip and Monolith 4.6 Stock help greatly in reducing the SMG’s recoil, while both the Sonic Suppressor S and Houndguard Heavy Barrel increase the damage range and bullet velocity of the Superi 46.

To round off the build, the 40 Round Mag is essential for battle royale, as it will allow you to take on multiple enemies before needing to reload. This build is the perfect Primary weapon for all of Warzone‘s maps, as it excels at all ranges.

IceManIsaac shared a YouTube video on June 16 that showcased the Superi 46’s power compared to meta Assault Rifles.

The difference in TTK becomes even greater in the Superi 46’s favor when you factor in ADS speeds too, making it a better overall option than any of the top Assault Rifle choices.

The only downside to the Superi 46 is the 40 Round Mag, which is on the smaller side of things when it comes to long-range engagements. However, as revealed by IceManIsaac, the Superi 46 actually has a higher long-range TTK than the Holger 26 and even more damage per mag than the MTZ-556 in Season 4.

This makes it a top choice and one of the best Primary weapons to use in Warzone. Combine this beast with our best Kar98k loadout and you’ll be completely covered.