Do MW2 weapon camos carry over to Modern Warfare 3? Camo progression explained

Liam Mackay
mw2 orion camo on M4 assault rifleActivision

Modern Warfare 2 featured tons of highly praised weapon camos and you might be wondering if you can use them on Modern Warfare 3’s weapons. Here’s everything you need to know about weapon camos carrying over to Modern Warfare 3.

Every year, Call of Duty players undertake the lengthy camo grind to unlock all of the Mastery camos, and Modern Warfare 3 will be no different. There are 37 new weapons arriving in the game at launch, and they each have completionist camos in both multiplayer and Zombies.

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Modern Warfare 2’s weapons also come to MW3 thanks to the carry forward feature, but will all of the camos you earned last year be usable on Modern Warfare 3’s weapons? Here’s everything you need to know.

Do MW2 weapon camos carry over to MW3?

Yes, all of the Modern Warfare 2 weapon camos you’ve earned will be usable in Modern Warfare 3 thanks to the carry forward feature.

Not only can all of MW2’s weapons be usable in Modern Warfare 3, but you’ll also be able to show off the camos you’ve earned.

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Weapon camos on Modern Warfare 3 assault rifle

Can I use MW2 camos on MW3 weapons?

Yes, MW2’s weapon camos can be used on Modern Warfare 3’s weapons, with the exception of the Completionist camos (Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion). The devs confirmed you can place any MW2 base camo on any MW3 weapon, and vice versa.

There are around 556 base camos in Modern Warfare 2 and they’ll all be usable on MW3’s weapons at the November 10 launch.

MW2’s Event and Special camos such as The Boys and Ghoulie appear to be separate from the Completionist camos so should be useable on Modern Warfare 3’s weapons, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Can I earn MW2 weapon camos in Modern Warfare 3?

Using Modern Warfare 2 weapons in MW3’s multiplayer will allow you to earn all of the camos. If you never managed to complete all of the camo challenges in 2022’s game, you’ll essentially have another year if you want to carry on the grind.

Of course, all of these weapons and camos will also be available in Warzone when the new Urzikstan map arrives with the MW3 integration in early December.

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