Warzone players furious as “annoying” notifications makes it impossible to see enemies

Hamza Khalid
He “Seraph” Zhen-Zhen in Warzone

The Warzone community is calling for major changes to the notifications and alerts that pop up on the screen during the game and make it impossible to see your enemies.

When you’re in a game of Warzone Pacific, you’ll occasionally receive notifications about changes happening throughout the match, including event announcements and bounty collections.

These notifications appear in the form of a message that pops up on your screen. However, players are furious as these tend to block the screen, making it impossible to spot their opponents.

Reddit user ‘PadThai42’ highlighted this issue when they shared a clip of them navigating the narrow hallways of Rebirth Island’s Prison Block. As they were running, a message appeared on the screen, informing them that Resurgence will be disabled soon.

This message covered the middle of the screen, preventing the Redditor from seeing an enemy was right in front of them. As a result, they were immediately gunned down by the hidden opponent.

After sharing this clip, PadThai42 then expressed their desire to see major changes made to this feature, and many of the commenters in this Warzone Pacific Reddit thread shared this sentiment.

One user commented: “I complain about this all the time. I also love it when playing rebirth and the ‘ARMORED TRUCKS ARE INBOUND’ message vomits on the screen with the unnecessarily loud truck horns.”

Players with the option to alter their Field-of-View in the game may not have to frequently worry about this problem. However, this can be extremely troublesome for console players as they don’t have access to the FOV slider.

One of the commenters claimed that these notifications tend to pop up in terrible spots, especially when running with 80 FOV. This is the default FOV setting on PlayStation and Xbox console versions of Warzone.

However, the FOV slider doesn’t completely remove this problem, as a few PC players in the thread also expressed their frustration with notification messages appearing in the middle of the screen.

In one comment, a PC player described the issue as “annoying” and stated that the notifications can feel like “too much” at times.

At the time of writing, Raven Software haven’t announced any changes to Warzone’s notification system, so it’s unlikely that they’ll respond to these changes. However, we could see more notification options added to Warzone 2 at some point.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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