Warzone players call for nerfs to “frustrating” Krampus ruining matches

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone krampus

It seems Krampus is doing its job this Christmas by ruining matches on Warzone Pacific, which is causing a lot of frustration among the community.

With the new Warzone Pacific Festive Fervor Event, the battle royale has been given a Christmas-themed update.

One of the new features associated with the event is Krampus, the horned beast who scares misbehaved children at Christmas, and it seems he’s doing so in Warzone by running the player experience in more ways than one.

Krampus in Vanguard Warzone Festive Fervor event

For those that don’t know, Krampus is now actively going around and terrorizing players who either don’t play the objective in Vanguard’s Multiplayer or collect coal from a Holiday Crate in Warzone. However, it does seem Krampus is also killing at random.

While some thought it might be an LTM for Warzone, Krampus is actually active even in the BR Solo playlist as Reddit user Dyynomight soon found out.

In the post, they explain how their game was ruined by Krampus after they were “hunted by a near impossible being to kill [Krampus] with less than 10 people left.”

This player feels as if Krampus needs to go, “Or at least have a time in which he cannot hunt you.” The fact that Krampus can just rock up and destroy someone who has the potential to win a match does seem pretty unfair, and others in the comments have also shared a similar experience:

“So dumb dude. I’m sprinting around final circle, shooting this thing and of course immediately get murdered by someone else.”

Another Reddit post shared a similar experience and opinion. User realityunf0lds put a post up stating that “Krampus is one of the worst thing to ever happen to this game.”

In the post, the player explains how they aren’t very fond of Krampus being in the game, mostly because “he can just appear even if he’s not hunting your team, he just eats your bullets, it doesn’t make the game more enjoyable and it’s not a fun challenge, it’s just a frustrating waste of time to deal with.”

Perhaps Raven Software will look into the Krampus complaints, but for now, you’ll just have to keep your wits about you and do your best to avoid the beast.

For more, check out how you can complete the Festive Fervor event challenges.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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