Buffed Warzone Season 3 Pistol “ruining the game” needs major nerf

Aakash Regmi
Warzone player aiming Pistol

Following Season 3 of Warzone, Renetti has instantly become a popular pick, thanks to a conversion kit, and now players are already demanding nerfs, as it is ruining the game.

Season 3 of Warzone made several balancing changes across the board, and some popular close-range picks, like the RAM-9 and AMR9 were hit with nerfs. Of course, as one slides down the meta charts, another rises, and this time it is Renetti

While Renetti on its own isn’t particularly ‘broken,’ using the JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit conversion kit transforms it into an SMG and a close-range monster, to the point where it can outclass the best SMGs by some margin. And this is what players are pointing out, asking for major nerfs. 

On the CODWarzone subreddit, one user made a post calling the Pistol with conversion kit “cancer which is spreading fast and ruining the game.” OP added that SMGs pre-Season 3 were “mostly perfectly balanced,” and that you could play with “4 or 5 different SMGs.”

But now Renetti with its “30% low TTK than the fastest SMG” has ruined the balance.

Many agreed with the OP, as one user wrote, “Totally agree. The close-range scene was coming into a good spot. I was actually glad to see all nerfs and no buffs to them. I’d like to see the TTK actually increase more, no gun should have a faster than 600ms TTK with all headshots.”

Some weren’t surprised at all, given how few guns being broken every now and then isn’t uncommon in CoD, and already expect a nerf: “In case you haven’t realized yet, they usually make one gun OP intentionally for a few weeks before nerfing it and making something else OP.”

Others, meanwhile, pointed out it was good enough even before Season 3, “I don’t know if you guys realize this. But the Renetti was buffed weeks before season 3. I just don’t think anyone realized it.”

Renetti had its damage range increased to 12.95 meters, up from 11.68, in Season 3, and players hope devs will balance it with a nerf in the mid-season Reloded update or sooner.

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