Warzone players call for changes to frustrating Solos matches

Liam Mackay
Warzone solos big bertha truck

Warzone Solos is a great place to test your skill as an individual but players have become increasingly frustrated with the mode in Season 3 and have called for change.

Solos has long been considered Warzone’s toughest mode. With no teammates to watch your back or resurrect you, you’re relying solely on your gun skill and positioning. Even with Self-Revive equipped, any mistake could lead to a devastating return to the lobby.

This has led to Warzone Solos being the campiest mode, where players sit in the safety of buildings and bushes to stay alive as long as possible and achieve a Warzone Victory. However, the meta strategy is now to drive around in the safety of Cargo Trucks, often called Berthas.

Warzone Cargo Truck

Warzone players have long complained about Berthas ruining the final circle of Solo matches, and streamer Dr Disrespect also recently weighed in on the subject, saying that they should just remove the trucks. What makes them so powerful is their massive health bar and the driver inside is almost completely safe.

In Season 3, the prominence of Berthas has come to a head, with a Reddit post demonstrating “the current state of Warzone Solos” reigniting the community’s wishes to have them removed.

In a video uploaded by Reddit user stonks_xd, of the 10 players left alive, five of them were driving around in Cargo Trucks. These five trucks formed a convoy roaming the circle, presumably untouchable to the truckless players hiding from the armored fleet.

In the comments, CitizenKeane gave a comedic summary of the “Warzone Solo Experience.” They describe how after dropping, “You have what will likely be your only exciting gunfights in the entire match.”

Then, “Through high octane aggression and flawless gameplay or through incredible patience and perseverance heroically sitting in a bush,” you make it to the final zone. If you don’t have a Betha, you hide in a bush in the hope of shooting the Bertha drivers in the back. If you have a Bertha, you “drive in circles until you no longer can and hope the zone pulls to you,” before getting killed by a bush camper.

Some players jumped to the defense of trucks in Warzone, saying that they are easy to counter with RPGs and Javelins. Others disagreed, saying you need to carry both a long-range and close-range weapon, and carrying a launcher puts you at a disadvantage.

There are some other ways of countering these Berthas, such as using certain attachments and equipment, but the community wants them removed to vastly improve the Solo experience.

Image Credit: Activision