Warzone players beg for Ranked mode to avoid “sweat lobbies” ruining matches

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operators dropping into a match

Warzone players have noticed that the casual experience has been affected by a huge amount of “sweat lobbies,” so they’re begging for a Ranked mode to arrive soon allowing them to enjoy the free-to-play experience.

Warzone Season 1 has brought a ton of new content into the game as well as a major overhaul. This includes movement improvements, and fresh weaponry, with the Season 1 Reloaded update set to bring even more content.

However, several players noticed that matches have become filled with “sweat lobbies” where enjoying the game has become impossible. In a Reddit post, user ‘DippySwitch’ expressed their concerns stating players will “stop playing” if CoD “don’t address the sweatiness.”

The OP compared their experience to the previous iteration by highlighting they “never had problems with WZ2.” And continued, “would have good games and bad games… even if I didn’t win, most games would be pretty competitive and fun.”

In the responses, another player suggested that the Warzone‘s Ranked mode could crack this, “Just wait for ranked. All the good players will jump to that.” Despite no date has been announced for Warzone Ranked Play, players are eagerly anticipating the mode to arrive and fix this issue.

Yet, another player highlighted, “I think people under estimate the amount of players that left when wz2 dropped and the amount that came back when wz3 dropped.” However, he did agree that “ranked will take out the sweatiest of players most of the time so it should ease off.”

“Ranked is coming, it should be a bit better,” a user summed up in the comments, hoping the competitive mode will shift the “sweat lobbies,” allowing casual players to enjoy the game.

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