Warzone devs respond to controversial playlist update in Season 2 Reloaded

Max Candelarezi
Vondel, Fortune's Keep, Ashika and Urzikstan Resurgence maps Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded playlist rotation has been revealed alongside the update, and players are furious as they think it’s the worst rotation they had yet. However, devs have responded by explaining the reasoning behind the decision.

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is finally in players’ hands offering a ton of content they can enjoy. This includes a new mobile POI, weapons such as the SOA Subverter and Soulrender, and several buffs and nerfs.

Additionally, the mid-season update brought back the Vondel Battle Royale mode and reintroduced the fan-favorite Ashika Island Resurgence map. To do so, the dev team revealed which maps and modes will be available during Season 2 Reloaded.

However, players quickly slammed the game devs’ decision stating this was the “worst one yet.” Given devs restricted player counts for all maps, players feel forced to pick the available playlists if they want to enjoy their favorite maps.

Below CharlieIntel’s post sharing the news, players shared their frustration over the playlist rotation for Season 2 Reloaded. “It’s awful. I’ve been enjoying fortunes keep more and more and now I have to stick to solos,” a player expressed.

Another player complained about the overall playlist rotation feature, stating, “I hate the playlists…give us multiple map rotations and all squad sizes…nobody wants these rotations…”

A different player criticized the decision to include Urzikstan as Resurgence maps, “No idea why they persist with Urzikstan POI rotations. They’re awful.” A third user chimed in and added, “I can’t believe a company of this size, sat down and came up with this absolute mess.”

However, Raven Software responded to players’ concerns, stating they plan to add “all four squad sizes next month” and use Season 2 Reloaded’s selection to collect “detailed data on the performance” of Resurgence’s offering.

This is set to allow the dev team to “better optimize” their playlists and “satisfy the widest range of players possible.”

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