Warzone players ask devs to remove “Big Berthas” from Solo matches

Hamza Khalid
Big Bertha trucks in Warzone Solos

Warzone’s Big Bertha trucks are notoriously difficult to destroy, and have become more prominent through Season 3, leading to fans asking the devs to remove them from Solo playlists.

There are various different in-game vehicles in Warzone, and the ‘Big Bertha’ armored trucks have been criticized for being too difficult to blow up. Now, the Season 3 update has made them even more prominent.

While several updates have made them much easier to destroy, a few players are frustrated that Berthas have taken over the Solo meta. This has led to fans asking Raven Software to remove them from the playlists altogether.

Big Berthas in Warzone Solo matches

Reddit user stonks_xd posted a clip in the Warzone subreddit, and titled it “The current state of Warzone Solos.” This showcased five Berthas grouped together so that they could secure a win by waiting for the circle to shrink.

These trucks can withstand high amounts of damage, which means that players on the ground will have a difficult time trying to take them out. “If you have a Bertha, drive in circles and hope the zone pulls to you,” wrote one user.

As a result, many players are asking Raven Software to pull the controversial vehicles from Solos playlists.

This is an understandable stance, since it’s extremely frustrating to play against vehicle users that can run you over in an instant, and are difficult to bring down. Even pro players like Dr Disrespect want them removed.

While the devs haven’t addressed this issue yet, a few Warzone players found an easy trick to take them down. Riding around in a truck is still one of the most powerful strategies players can utilize, especially in the final circles.

It’s unclear whether or not the devs will take this criticism to heart, and remove the Big Bertha trucks from the Solos playlists. We’ll keep checking for any more developments regarding this, and will be sure to update you.

Image credits: Raven Software

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