Warzone C4 is useless again after dominating meta and it’s dividing players

Nathan Warby
Warzone player throwing C4

C4 had become a powerful Equipment in Warzone after a healthy buff back in Season 3. However, the devs have now released a major nerf for the explosive, dividing the community in the process.

While the Warzone meta has been dominated by the Kar98k during Season 4, there are plenty of other weapons and even Equipment that become popular too. Among these was C4, the remote explosive that received a huge buff back in Season 3, making them the go-to Lethal for many players.

But, the devs clearly felt they were too effective against both vehicles and enemy players, as they released a small update nerfing C4 on June 19, reducing both the damage and speed of which they can be thrown in an effort to balance them.

In an X post announcing the change, they said that the “throw velocity has been reduced by 15%,” on top of a reduction to the explosives radius by one meter and a nerf to the damage from 155 down to 138.

Overall, this change lowers the area that C4 covers and slightly reduces how powerful it is when enemies are on the edge of its blast.

The C4 nerf has proved to be divisive among Warzone players, with many replying to the dev’s and CharlieIntel‘s posts saying it was “about time” that it was adjusted. Some called the change a “W” and claimed it was causing too many problems in Ranked Play.

“Ya bc it was cheesy in ranked. Losers not even shooting their guns just spamming c4,” said one player who was in favor of the nerf.

Meanwhile, others argued that C4 was more enjoyable to use than ever before after the initial buff and wanted them to remain just as powerful.

“They buffed it. People were having fun and then they nerfed it,” said one reply, before another added: “Once again, the fun has been nerfed. Even getting blown up unexpectedly by C4 was hilarious to me.”

There are even more weapon balancing changes to come in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded on June 26, including a long-awaited nerf to the Kar98k. Only time will tell how these tweaks affect the meta as we head towards Season 5.

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