What is Warzone’s Big Game Bounty contract?

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Warzone and all of its Season 1 content have been revealed, including the return of the Big Game Bounty contract. Here’s how Warzone’s Big Game Bounty contract works, and how to complete it.

Warzone is introducing some significant changes to the battle royale formula when it integrates with MW3 at the start of Season 1. A new arsenal of weapons, plenty of movement changes, and quality-of-life additions are making their way to Warzone on December 6.

Call of Duty’s battle royale is about to evolve even further, heading to Urzikstan and bringing several fan-favorite features that players have been calling for, as well as the return of a classic contract – Big Game Bounty.

Here’s how the Warzone Big Game Bounty contract works, and how to complete it.

Warzone Big Game Bounty contract explained

The Warzone Big Game Bounty contract acts much the same as the classic Bounty, but will only mark the player with the highest kill count in the lobby.

Here’s an official description of the returning Warzone contract from the devs: “Activate this Contract to put a Bounty on the Player with the most eliminations in the match; take them out to earn an Advanced UAV.”

The Big Game Bounty contract is perfect for players who want a challenge. Taking out the player with the most kills won’t be easy, but if you survive, you’ll earn a valuable Advanced UAV.

In the past, this contract only appeared once per game, but the devs haven’t confirmed if this will also be the case in Warzone Season 1.

Warzone Operators
The Big Game Bounty is a high-risk strategy that comes with a lucrative reward.

Of course, this is more high risk than the regular Bounty. When taking on a Bounty, you could get a player of any skill or in any situation. However, with the Big Game Bounty contract, you’re guaranteed to get one of the best players in the game.

But high risk comes with high reward, as taking down this target will remove one of the most powerful forces on the map, giving you more chance of securing the win.

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