All Warzone Rewards challenges: Economics, Contracts, Social, Mode, more

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Rewards category icons

Season 4 added a new section called Warzone Rewards, including a ton of cosmetic free content to unlock including weapon camos, so here’s all you need to know including all the categories and challenges.

Warzone Season 4 is underway offering players a ton of new content such as the return of the beloved Kar98k Marksman Rifle, new Aftermarket Parts, and exciting hidden bunkers in Urzisktan to explore.

Additionally, the game also introduced a new section of challenges called Warzone Rewards which expends the free cosmetic content up for grabs, so here’s all you need to know about them in Season 4.

What is Warzone Rewards? Season 4 challenge feature explained

Warzone Rewards menu
Warzone Rewards has a ton of free content up for grabs.

Warzone Rewards is a brand-new feature added with Season 4 which offers players different category challenges to complete in-game and earn free cosmetic content.

Warzone Rewards has five categories: Champion’s Quest, Economics, Contracts, Social, and Mode. Here’s each of them explained as revealed via the S4 patch notes:

  • Economics: Loot and spend Cash at Buy Stations.
  • Contracts: Complete different amounts and types of Contracts.
  • Social: Interact with enemy players or help your team.
  • Mode: Complete tasks in different game modes.
  • Champion’s Quest: Complete Champion’s Quest contract challenges.

All Warzone Rewards challenges & free weapon camos

Warzone Rewards boasts several challenges and cosmetic prizes players can grab by completing each task within every category.

Here are all the challenges and rewards for Season 4’s Warzone Rewards system:


Here’s every Season 4 Economics Warzone Rewards challenge:

Loot 100 Supply CratesTreasure Hoarder Emblem
Loot Legendary Supply CratesMythical Crate Calling Card
Spend Cash in Battle Royale or ResurgenceFortunate Fatality Sticker
Purchase Items from three different Buy Stations in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence matchGilded Genetics Camo
Warzone Gilded Genetics Camo
Complete all the Economics Warzone Rewards to claim the Gilded Genetics exclusive camo.


Here’s every Contracts Warzone Rewards challenge in Season 4:

Complete 10 ContractsYour Signature, Please Emblem
Complete Scavenger, Intel, Singal Intelligence, or Spy Drone ContractsScavenger Squad Calling Card
Complete Bounty, Big Bounty, or Most Wanted ContractsBig Game Bounty Sticker
Complete three unique Contracts in a single Battle Royale or Resurgence matchPurified Helix Camo
Warzone Purified Helix Camo
Complete all the Contracts Warzone Rewards to unlock the Purified Helix camo.


Here’s every Season 4 Social Warzone Rewards challenge:

Live Ping 50 Enemy OperatorsHuh!? Emblem
Deploy Ammo, Armor, or Utility BoxesAmmo & Armor Calling Card
Revive or Buy Back PlayersBorn of Fire Sticker
Interrogate Enemy Players in Battle Royale or PlunderVeiled Strands Camo
Warzone Veiled Strands Camo
Unlock the Veiled Strands camo in Warzone by completing all the Social challenges.


Here’s every Mode Warzone Rewards challenge in Season 4:

Complete 10 GamesIcon of Honor Emblem
Deposit 500k in a single Plunder matchWe’re Gonna Need a Bigger Chopper… Calling Card
Reduce Respawn Time in ResurgenceCatastrophe Sticker
Reach the Top 10 without entering the Gulag in a single Battle Royale matchRoyal Helix Camo
Warzone Royal Helix Camo
Completing all the Mode Warzone Rewards challenges will give you the Royal Helix camo.

Champion’s Quest

Here’s every Champion’s Quest Warzone Rewards challenge in Season 4:

Complete Champion’s Quest in Season 4Hazardous Ruin animated Camo
Defuse the Nuke during Champion’s QuestExtrication Calling Card
Witness the Nuke explosion editing Champion’s QuestIncoming! Charm

How to access Warzone Rewards in Season 4

Warzone Challenges menu
The Warzone Rewards section is a little hidden within the menu but it should be easy to locate.

Here’s how you can access the Warzone Rewards in Season 4:

  1. Launch Call of Duty
  2. Enter the Settings menu
  3. Head to the Challenges section
  4. Scroll to the little ‘Warzone Rewards’ button at the end of the section

While it may be a little hidden at first, once you locate it you’ll be able to track all the challenges available and select which one you’d like to view outside the Challenges menu.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about the Warzone Rewards system in Season 4. If you’re looking for more content to unlock, be sure to check the Battle Pass and all how you can level up easily no matter the mode you pick.