Warzone players slam teased QoL improvement arriving with Urzikstan

Max Candelarezi
Warzone player equipping gas mask

Although the Urzikstan update is set to bring major improvements compared to the previous Warzone iteration, one of the teased QoL improvements was slammed by players.

Warzone is gearing up for a big update, which will arrive alongside MW3’s Season 1 on December 6. The game will welcome the brand-new Urzikstan map with fresh points of interest, major movement changes, and a ton of QoL improvements.

However, one of the quality-of-life changes regarding the controversial Gas Mask was slammed by the community, despite the developers’ attempt to solve the problem it caused in previous versions of the game.

After the integration of MW3, players will gain the ability to manually equip or remove the Gas Mask in Warzone. This is set to mark the departure from the previous version, where the Gas Mask would automatically equip upon entering the gas, triggering the “useless” animation.

Yet, below CharlieIntel’s post, IceManIsaac shared their experience, “Don’t praise this ‘feature.’ You either walk around with heavy breathing and a goggle outline all map or you have to rummage around your backpack to equip/unequip every single time.”

While some players initially welcomed the change, the creator, who had the chance to test the modification during CoD Next on October 5, provided some valuable insight into how this could function post-update.

“They just need to remove the annoying a** animation altogether,” a user answered. Another player added: “I hate the random equip animation that plays while you’re in the gas. You can’t shoot for a split second so it leaves you vulnerable.”

Warzone Operators in Urzikstan
Warzone Urzikstan is set to revert a ton of changes its predecessor made.

After the CoD Next event, the Warzone team hasn’t provided additional updates regarding the revealed changes. Currently, it remains uncertain whether further modifications will be introduced to the Gas Mask functionality. We’ll be sure to keep you informed if new information is announced.

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