Warzone 2 stats expert reveals new meta SMG after Fennec nerf

Hamza Khalid
P90 in Warzone 2

The Fennec 45 SMG received yet another nerf in Warzone 2 Season 2, and Call of Duty stats expert TrueGameData has revealed which is the best close-range weapon to use in Warzone 2.

When Season 2 finally arrived, the Warzone 2 meta was shaken up by the addition of powerful new weaponry as well as the implementation of buffs and nerfs to many of the game’s existing guns.

The Fennec 45 has ruled the close-range meta in Warzone 2 but it received a major nerf in the Season 2 update. However, the SMG continued to dominate, so the devs hit it with another nerf in the February 24 update.

Now, Warzone 2 expert TrueGameData has highlighted which close-range option is the best in Season 2.

TrueGameData compared the stats for different close-range weapons on his stats website, including the Chimera, the Vaznev-9K, Vel 46, and Lachmann Sub. While it had a weaker TTK than other guns, he praised the PDSW 528 SMG, commonly known as the P90.

The Warzone 2 expert stated that the weapon has “phenomenal movement speed” and described it as “the best of the best” in that regard. He gave the PDSW 528 the title “king of movement” before revealing the best attachments to use for it.

TrueGameData’s PDSW 528 loadout

  • Barrel: FTAC Series IX 14.5″
  • Stock: Hollow Extended Stock
  • Rail: Integrated Reflex Rail
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW

TrueGameData uses the FTAC Series IX 14.5″ barrel to improve the weapon’s bullet velocity and damage range. Next, he uses the VLK LZR 7MW Laser and Bruen Q900 Grip which buff your ADS time and sprint-to-fire speed.

The Hollow Extended Stock improves mobility by boosting the ADS movement speed, sprint speed, and tactical sprint speed. Finally, Integrated Reflex Rail gives you another huge buff to your movement speed.

TrueGameData stated that this weapon is reminiscent of the FFAR 1 from the first Warzone. After taking it into the firing range, he explained: “I barely slow down when I ADS and the recoil is still completely manageable.”

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Image Credits: Activision