Warzone 2 Ranked Play expert reveals top tips to maximize SR

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 Ranked Play Operators

Climbing Skill Divisions in Warzone 2 Ranked Play can prove to be a difficult task, but these top tips from a Call of Duty expert will allow you to maximize your SR gained per match.

Renowned Warzone 2 player, IceManIsaac, has shared invaluable advice on making the most of Warzone 2 Ranked Play and maximizing your SR.

Treyarch recently gave Skill Rating (SR) points a much-needed update on May 11, in a bid to make Ranked Play more rewarding. Teams can now amass more SR points based on their placement, accentuating the significance of survival in the game.

IceManIsaac emphasizes just how important it is to make the endgame in Warzone 2 Ranked Play lobbies. To make things easier, the expert provides some of his top tips to remain in the game as long as possible in Warzone 2 ranked Play.

IceManIsaac top tips for Warzone 2 Ranked Play

When playing Warzone 2 Ranked Play, IceManIsaac emphasized the importance of Deployable Buy Stations in the aftermath of Season 3 Reloaded‘s launch.

Season 3 Reloaded resurrected a lesser-appreciated field upgrade, the Deployable Buy Stations. These tactical assets first saw the light of day in the original Warzone iteration, providing the convenience of on-demand buy stations for players.

IceManIsaac is convinced of their critical role in Ranked Play. He elaborated on why these Deployable Buy stations deserve a spot in your tactical lineup, claiming that they allow you to buy your teammates back and extend the game for your trio as long as possible.

“Make sure you are always playing for the regain, especially late game man, make sure you get that late game res” he emphasized. He later went on to claim that: “The mobile buy station is the most valuable piece of utility in the game.”

IceManIsaac was surprised at the lack of player recognition for the value of these stations in Warzone 2.

“If you have that, stow it, hold on to it because I see people leaving it on the floor, and it blows my mind,” he advised.

Warzone 2 Buy Station
Warzone 2 Deployable Buy Stations are invaluable in Warzone 2 Ranked Play.

But these stations are more than just a lifeline for downed teammates. IceManIsaac suggests, if your team is intact and strategically positioned for the final stages, buying self-revives, durable gas masks, UAVs, and Precision Airstrikes can provide a significant edge.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of prioritizing self-revives over UAVs in Ranked Play. Given the prevalence of the Ghost Perk, UAVs often don’t provide the value players anticipate.

So, the next time you come across a Deployable Buy Station, remember IceManIsaac’s sage advice. Use this underrated field upgrade to both revive your allies and stockpile on useful killstreaks, setting you up for success in the final circle.

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